In the Park

Activities from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in Dan Patch Park!

Read & Walk: Book Debut ISLE OF YOU by David LaRochelle
Read beloved Minnesota author, David LaRochelle’s, newest book, ISLE OF YOU, more than three months before the rest of the world. You can mee the author too! David will be in Dan Patch Park from 10-3. Bonus activities include a Read & Walk Treasure Hunt, special crafts and the Isle of You Candy Castle.

Book Fortunes: Find Your Next Favorite Book
Step up and tell one of our Book Fortunetellers what kind of books you like to read, after crunching the data you’ll receive the title of what could possibly be the best book you’ll read in 2018. It’s not as high tech as some of the fortune-telling machines on the fairgrounds, but the outlook is good that there will be enjoyable reading in your future. Be sure to pick up a groovy bookmark while you’re there!

The Storymobile
Share your story! Look for this multimedia, solar-powered roving story-collector throughout Dan Patch Park. This “stories on wheels” trailer is towed behind an electric bike called “ELF” and includes iPads, cameras, microphones, a hotspot, ampas well as, good old paper and pencil—for sharing and recording your stories. For more info, got to

DIY Button Making
Make your own 2018 Minnesota State Fair souvenir!

Smile!: The Photo Prop Op Stop
Stop by the Smile table and make a quick photo prop and snap a pic at our funky Ferris wheel photo op and it would be a proper photo prop op stop without picking up a toothbrush or two to keep your smile bright.


More Games!
State Fair Fare: Test your knowledge of what your favorite Fair Fare costs in 2018.
Up Next Plinko: Test your luck stage side.


Meet Partners!

Minitex: Serving MN libraries statewide

Schubert Club: 
Founded over 135 years ago, Schubert Club is today one of the nation’s most vibrant music organizations, enriching Minnesota with dynamic concerts, music education programs, and museum exhibits. Schubert Club remains as relevant, respected, and resilient today as it has throughout its history. The Schubert Club joins its library partners at the MN State Fair for the fun and games – find out more about the Schubert Club.