In the Park

Activities from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in Dan Patch Park!

Book Fortunes – Find your next book!
Step up and tell one of our Book Fortunetellers what kind of books you like to read, after crunching the data you’ll receive the title of what could possibly be the best book you read in 2017 and a few additional titles as well. It’s not as high tech as some fortunetelling machines on the fairgrounds, but the outlook is good that there will be enjoyable reading in your future. Be sure to pick up a groovy bookmark while you’re there!

Book Bags Get yours while supplies last!
We’ll be giving a limited number of drawstring sportpacks away each hour starting at 10:00 am. The last giveaway is at 4:00 pm.

Twins Tickets Register to Win!

State Fair FareTest Your Knowledge!
Do you remember how much you paid for that deep fried cookie dough or that alligator-on-a-stick? If your answer is yes, then step right up and spin the State Fair Fare Wheel. You’re sure to be a winner at the State Fair food pricing game.

Rose Ensemble –
Our Partner in the Park!
The Rose Ensemble draws upon centuries of vocal music to create imaginative and inspiring performances connecting audiences to stories from around the world. They are joining us in Dan Patch Park to challenge fairgoers to a music trivia game with a chance to win a Rose Ensemble CD or a concert ticket. Find out more about the Rose Ensemble at

Minitex – Our Partner in the Park!
Back for more Read & Ride Day fun and games, Minitex will fill you in on the latest statewide library services and test your carnival game skills. Want to know more about Minitex and statewide library services they make available to you? Check out their website at:

Minnesota Book Awards  – Our Partner in the Park!
The Minnesota Book Awards celebrate MN writers and publishers every year, help them celebrate the the 30th anniversary of the Book Awards. For info on everything they do check out their website: